Will Smith gives the crappiest presents

I guess it should come as no surprise that the guy who had two kids, naming one after himself and one after his wife (Jada, Jaden; Will, Willow), and shoving them into each of his two professions (Willow, Music; Jaden, Acting), would give crappy, self-serving presents. It makes perfect sense. I guess the big question is how Roger Federer is going to explain that framed Men in Black suit showing up on eBay in a few days.

Smith is in Europe doing press for his new film, “Men in Black 3,” and watched Sunday’s [Masters] final [in Madrid, which Federer won] with his wife, Jada. After the match, Smith spoke to the crowd in surprisingly good Spanish, then brought out a framed costume from the movie as a gift to Federer. [Yahoo]

Not even speaking passable Spanish can erase Will Smith the inherent douchiness of gifting someone a giant monument to himself. Congratulations! Here’s a celebration of my milestones! Didn’t I tell you the Smith family are the kind of people who would have decals of all the family members on the back of the minivan, and every Christmas send out a breathless, 1,000-word newsletter on how awesome everyone’s doing? You know they are. It’s like Will Smith won a giant stuffed panda bear playing Shoot the Freak at the county fair and now Roger Federer has to carry it around all day, pretending he gives a shit.