Will Smith Rapped For Everyone At Gabrielle Union’s 40th Birthday Party

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10.29.12 19 Comments

First thing’s first – Gabrielle Union turned 40 today? I would have never guessed she was that old. Maybe 35 at the absolute oldest, but never 40. I guess I just won’t be too surprised when I write about Dwyane Wade suddenly showing up to Fashion Week with Ana Paula Araujo or another model a bit closer to his own age. But forget attractive, young Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated swimsuit models for now, because this is all about Will Smith rocking the microphone at Union’s 40th birthday party over the weekend, to honor his Bad Boys 2 co-star.

More specifically, Smith joined rapper Doug E. Fresh for a little jam session, during which Fresh provided the beats and Smith spit hot fire. In fact, Smith was so into it, he even broke character as the squeaky queen Mr. Nice Guy we’ve always known him as by saying the N-word and “bitches”. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. I was so shocked that I spilled my chai tea latte on my GAP corduroys.

But then Smith really fired the crowd up when he broke out two classics, and you can watch it for yourself after the jump.

That’s right, Big Willy Style broke out “Summertime” and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song, but do my ears deceive me or were people booing when he broke into “In West Philadelphia born and raised…”? Make fun of Will Smith and his wiener kids all you want, but that damn TV theme song is practically sacred. You might as well interrupt the Rembrandts while they’re performing the Friends theme. In fact, if you leave now, you might actually be able to make it the subway where they’re playing in time to interrupt them.

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