Will Smith to star in and produce a remake of The Wild Bunch, reports No Thanks magazine

Will Smith, who famously turned down the starring role in Tarantino’s Django Unchained because it didn’t fit his brand image, is now in talks to star in and produce a remake of Sam Peckinpah’s infamously violent 1969 western The Wild Bunch. If he doesn’t stick one of his dumb wiener kids in this it will be a miracle.

Smith would produce through his Overbrook Entertainment banner along with Jerry Weintraub, who recently worked with Smith on “The Karate Kid” remake.

The original “Wild Bunch” followed a group of aging outlaws that plan one last score on the Texas-Mexico border as the traditional American West changes around them in 1913.

A modern remake involving cartels south of the border, the “Wild Bunch” reboot is expected to follow a disgraced D.E.A. agent who assembles a team to go after a Mexican drug lord and his fortune.

The studio and producing team are currently looking to hire a new writer for the project, which provides the opportunity to surround Smith with a strong ensemble. |TheWrap|

That should be reassuring news, that the guy currently starring in an M. Night Shyamalan movie is the one choosing the writer to update a classic. To be more specific, a guy starring in an M. Night Shyamalan movie where “humans haven’t set foot on Earth in over 1,000 years, where everything has evolved to kill humans.” Hoooooooooooooo, boy.

It’s not that I dislike Will Smith or that I even think he’s a bad actor, it’s just that he’s such a milquetoast dildo that I imagine his version of The Wild Bunch looking basically like that minivan commercial with the little kid choosing his football team.

I mean moar like the MILD bunch, amirite? (*slide whistle*)

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