Will you endure Drew Barrymore for Charlie Day?

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05.21.10 23 Comments

When I clicked play on this trailer for Going the Distance*, the first thing I saw was real-life couple Justin Long and Drew Barrymore amusing the hell out of each other with hilarious jokes about tortellini and I thought I’d never stop vomiting.  I thought it was over, and that’s when the blood diarrhea started.  But as I looked up from my agony, I noticed my hirsute, lilliputian man-crush Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was there too (playing… Justin Long’s dad**?  Huh?).  Then SNL’s most-underrated cast member Jason Sudeikis showed up.  Before I passed out, I think I saw Jim Gaffigan.  Was it real?  Are Jim Gaffigan and Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis really in a Drew Barrymore rom-com?  Or was it all just a sh*tty-movie induced hallucination?  You be the judge.

Video: Exclusive: ‘Going the Distance’ Trailer

“Uh, I’ll have the milk steak?  Boiled over hard, with a side of jelly beans.”

*a perfect, by-the-book, play-on-words-plus-familiar-song Rom-Com title, by the way.

**According to IMDB, his character’s name is “Dan.”

[via Vulture]

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