Witness: The Greatest Unintentional Reaction Shot In FilmDrunk History

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04.15.14 15 Comments


Banner Ad Placement Win?

I can’t see and normally have zero control over which banner ads appear with which posts when I’m writing them, which is what makes this screencap from FilmDrunk this morning so magical. I had no clue Ice Cube would be giving the epic side eye to my headline about Noah‘s lack of black people. I couldn’t have forseen that it would look like Darren Aronofsky was pleading with a pissed-off ‘Cube whilst wearing a fancy scarf. I almost didn’t even use that banner image. I assure you, this was all a glorious, glorious coincidence. This is my favorite accident since my own birth.

It’s nice to know there’s still some magic left in the world, isn’t it?

[Thanks to Ken for the perfect screengrab]

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