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Opening this weekend:

Duh.  Of course I’ll be seeing this, not that I expect it to be half as funny as Borat.  Austrian accents just aren’t as funny as Kazakh ones.  Probably because of the whole trying to exterminate the Jews thing.  Anyway, you can also check out Brüno doing the Letterman Top 10 List after the jump, though I must warn you that it isn’t funny at all.  Maybe Paul Shaffer should’ve added more wacky sound effects.  That guy sure is a character.

I Love You Beth Cooper
I’ve never wanted to punch a movie trailer as bad as I do this one.  It’s so unfunny and cloying and pandering and insulting.  Every high school clique comes in threes.  Every bully has henchmen.  Every hot chick is a cheerleader.  Every nerd is a hero, even if he’s ugly and delusional and kind of a dick and the actor playing him is 27.  Every time I watch the trailer I find myself rooting for the bully to catch and beat the crap out of everyone.  Go f-ck yourselves, everyone involved with this smegma-filled yak placenta. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Cheeto crumbs to suck from my fingers.


Anvil: The Story of Anvil
I DEMAND THAT YOU SEE THIS MOVIE.  There aren’t a lot movies that make you laugh so hard you have to hold back while you stifle tears at the same time.  I hadn’t seen it until this week and I have no idea why I waited so long. I should’ve been there opening weekend.  There aren’t 30 seconds of footage in it that aren’t priceless.  The drummer’s sister is named “Droid.”  80s metal.  Canadian accents.  This is far too little space to tell you everything that was great about it, but I’m pleading with you, see it before it’s gone.

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