‘The Wolf Of Wall Street: F*cking Short Version’ Condenses The Film’s Many F-Bombs Into One Short Video

The Wolf of Wall Street is far and away the “sweariest” feature film of all time, racking up an f-bomb count of at least 500. Wikipedia has the film’s total at 506, which blows away Spike Lee’s Summer of Sam, the previous title holder with 435. (A 2005 documentary about the word f-word — called F*ck without the asterisk — holds the overall record with 857.)

Inspired by the YouTube classic The Big Lebowski – The F*cking Short Version, a supercut that runs through The Dude and company’s prolific f-bomb output, our friends at Slacktory gave the same treatment to The Wolf of Wall Street. By their count, Scorsese’s flick racks up 522 audible, intelligible “f*cks” — more than double The Big Lebowski‘s 260.