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UPDATE: The studio sicked their lawyers on everyone because God forbid we advertise their movie for free, so now the footage from the film is gone. In the meantime, you’ll just have to enjoy this drawing I made of Wolverine.  I decided to give him a No Fat Chicks t-shirt.  Oh, and I included some video from Hugh Jackman’s appearance after the jump.

Probably the biggest thing to happen at Comic-Con last week was the premiere of the first footage from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which features Gambit, The Blob, Wolverine stabbing motherf*ckers with his claws, etc. Many attendees published play-by-play accounts of the footage last week, but I figured I’d wait to post the actual video, because reading a transcript of this is like trying to describe porn to a blind person. Okay, now he’s smacking her boob with his weiner again.  Yeah, dude, it’s pretty hot.

Opens May 1, 2009 – part 2 after the jump. 

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