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12.07.07 44 Comments

Watch the Sex and The City Movie Trailer in HD (Large, Larger, Largest)

“If you’ve been missing nights on the couch eating chocolate, waiting for the latest update in Carrie’s love life, Samantha’s most recent sexual exploits and all the lurid details over Sunday brunch, have we got dish for you. The gals from ‘Sex and the City’ are making the move to the big screen — finally.” 

I can’t tell if that was written by a fan or a critic.  What was that, three food references in one sentence?  “Hey, lardass, wanna live vicariously through people not nearly as boring and repulsive as you?  Come see the the Sex and the City movie – quick, before they get menopausal!”

Anyway, it’s nice to see marketers treating women like they’re as stupid as they treat me for liking something like Rambo or The Ultimate Fighter.  Chocolate! Relationships! Shoes!  I also like how "Big" was a total prick the entire show but still comes off smelling like a rose.  I think it’s the giant eyebrows.  Giant black eyebrows give people the impression that you care. Especially if you’re rich.

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