06.02.08 10 years ago 48 Comments

Not surprisingly, Sex and the City took the top spot at the box office (insert double entendre here) this week, doubling many early predictions with a $55.7 million domestic gross.  The fashion porn edged out Indiana Jones, which grossed $46 milion (even with a steep 54% Friday-Sunday drop), while the Strangers did better than expected at $20.7 million.

[Sex and the City’s] performance sparked immediate talk of a new film franchise’s birth after the best-ever bow for a romantic comedy or an R-rated comedy of any sort.

Hey, uh, great job on the box office win and all?  But I think I speak for everyone when I say that this franchise is well past child-bearing age.  At this point, we don’t even want to think about what it had to do to conceive.  Eww, icky!

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