World’s Saddest Goth Flashmob & Morning Links

These must be Europeans. I’m not saying I agree with Hitler, but this never would’ve happened if the Nazis had won the war. |CollegeHumor|

5 Great Songs Where The Album’s Featured Artist Is A No-Show |Smoking Section|

Who The Heck Are These Guys: The FilmDrunk Guide To Happy Madison Also-Rans |Film Drunk|

‘Home Improvement’ Reunion: Jonathan Taylor Thomas Turns 30 |Warming Glow|

My show’s tonight, which is great, because it means it’s the last time I’ll post this. YAY!

The Internet Improves Upon The Art Of The Old Masters with Fat Cat Photoshops |Gamma Squad|

Internet Rallies To Help Mentally Disabled Man Whose Superman Collection Was Stolen |UPROXX|

This Picture = College Football |With Leather|

11 other big events that also occurred on September 11th. |MentalFloss|

Demi Moore is sending out naked Twitpics now. |TheSuperficial|

This Week in Gifs. They’re the gifs that keep on giffing. |Videogum|

Aw, mom, quit stripper dancing, you pooped yourself. |GorillaMask|

Do people still watch Vh-1 reality shows? It looks like they just get 10 people high on meth and sic them on each other now. |DogandPonyShowWebsite|

This dog wins at bone balancing. |TheDailyWhat|

8 Actors we used to sort of hate but now sort of don’t. |ScreenJunkies|

Meet the Real Life Russian Barbie Doll |Buzzfeed|

Daughter of F1 boss spends $1.6 million on crystal bathtub, says “it’s worth it” |FARK|

16 Celebrities Who Fled the Midwest For Hollywood |The Smoking Jacket|

8 ways Blizzard can improve World of Warcraft. (Number One: Make Red Shirt Guy a consultant). |HolyTaco|

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