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09.13.10 37 Comments

Anne-Sellors--Worlds saddest IMDB Entry

Everyone who’s ever had a sullen, dead-on-the-inside Denny’s waitress in Hollywood knows that not every actor who comes to LA gets to be Sam Worthington.  For everyone who makes it, five other people get one embarrassing bit part in a movie no one will ever see.  And for every Aubrey Tennant, who turns his two seconds of screen time into something my grandchildren will remember, there are lots more Sebastian Rosases, whose sole claim to fame is playing “Mexican Paint Huffer” in Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story.  Earlier this year, Anne Sellors was recognized by a few different sites as having the World’s Saddest IMDB page, on account of her lone entry being “Woman who urinates herself,” in the 1984 BBC docudrama, Threads.  Well now, thanks to the magic of the internet (via TabloidProdigy), that performance has been preserved for posterity.  (click the above picture to animate or check it out below).

ann-sellors-gif-worlds saddest imdb entry

She did a pretty good job, I thought.  At least as good as Oprah.  I mean talk about overacting.

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