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01.05.09 16 Comments

Floating head poster guy really did a number on this new poster for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.  As /Film points out, what most likely happened here was that the poster artist came up with the uninspired yet not terrible idea of a silhouette of two guys fighting on the poster.  Then some exec came in (and keep in mind the distributor is Fox, whose execs all have fetal alcohol syndrome) and decided, Wait! We can’t have a poster without stars in it!  Never mind that we didn’t actually spend enough money to hire stars!  We need people to walk by this and say, ‘Hey! Isn’t that that black guy? And that dude who used to date Katie Holmes?  And that one bitch from that one show?  Together at last — it’s like a dream come true!’

They needed the marketing campaign to reflect that it’s like playing outdated video games and watching the WB at the same time. Tagline: Street Fighter – It’s like being unemployed.

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