Would You Have Liked ‘Iron Man 3’ More With A Pepper Potts Sex Tape?

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05.07.13 22 Comments

I don’t have much of an opinion on Iron Man 3, other than I liked it. I guess I fall right in the middle of the spectrum if one end is Vince’s praise of the wonderful Shane Black and the other is Nathan’s takedown of the “terrible” film. I could have done without that entire Adam Pally scene and I thought the end was a little quick and convenient, but do I feel that my $12 was well spent? Sure, why not.

The movie isn’t without its flaws, as very few movies of such scale are perfect, and one questionable moment came early on when Aldrich Killian visited Pepper Potts to try (once again) to get Stark Industries on board with the Extremis project. Pepper glossed over her relationship with Aldrich, claiming that he had harassed her many times about going on a date, but there was no elaboration.

Well, it turns out that the very first draft of Iron Man 3 featured quite a bit of elaboration. As Black explained on the Empire Film Podcast, Aldrich and Pepper… Got. It. On. And they recorded it because that’s what people do now.

“Pepper, in one draft, slept with [Aldrich] Killian because he was so pheromonially enhanced with this extremis that she couldn’t resist him and she was angry with Tony and so she sleeps with Killian and then he makes a sex tape and broadcasts it in Home Depot.” (Via indiewire)

BRO. Broadcasting sex tapes in Home Depot is totes my move. That’s how I got back at Blowjob Stacy after she cheated on me with those three dudes at Lambda Chi Weekend.

Hopefully, this sex tape is something that is incorporated into the DVD and Blu-Ray deleted scenes, so we can argue about that, too. You know, if the Great Iron Man Civil War of 2013 doesn’t claim all of our lives first. Also, for people complaining that Iron Man 3 lacked the Avengers aspect, here is a GIF I found for you:

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