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04.12.10 18 Comments

Aw, you almost had us there, Katherine Heigl.  Not too long ago she was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly promising she was real sorry for being such a huge bitch (which is the next best thing to not being a huge bitch), and I almost believed her.  But probably she was just pre-emptively apologizing for her latest movie, Win a Date with Tard Hamilton, co-starring Ashton Kutcher, from Ugly Truth director Robert Luketic. Holy crap.  That is the most puke-inducing poster since the one with Dane Cook and Kate Hudson.  “Marriage: Give it your best shot.”  Except they’re not even shooting.  I guess a muzzle flash effect wasn’t in the budget.  But on the plus side, they can probably use this for the cover of the poster maker’s autobiography, Gunnin’ for a Sh*tty Pun.

Katherine Heigl seems to be treating her gun like the dripping sack of partially aborted prom-baby fetus this movie will surely be. Hey, didn’t we already have Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Duplicity, Knight & Day, Date Night… Was the plan to just remake those with a cheaper cast?  STOP MAKING THIS F*CKING MOVIE ALREADY.

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