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12.07.09 26 Comments

I don’t know, bros, maybe I just inhaled too much Axe Body Spray fumes, but this premise sounds so awesome that I spit Steven Seagal energy drink all over my computer.

TMU Pictures is moving forward with the action-adventure film “War Birds.”  Michael Chait wrote the original story and will produce and direct the screenplay written by Josh Staman and Bryan Binder. J. Todd Harris (“Bottle Shock”) and screenwriter Richard Jefferies (“Tron Legacy”), who will polish the script, are producing.

“Birds” follows an Air Force veteran-turned-reckless airshow re-enactment pilot as he gets pulled into the underground culture of illegal, real-life aerial combat. Shooting is scheduled for the summer in Michigan using all real airplanes and aerial sequences, including authentic P-51 Mustangs, P-38 Lightnings, F4U Corsairs and a B-17 Flying Fortress as well as modern military helicopters and jets. [THR]

UNDERGROUND AERIAL COMBAT, OOOH WHA-AAH AAH-AAH!!!  That is the metalest oxymoron I’ve ever heard.  It’s a good thing this idea didn’t get… *puts on sunglasses* …shot down.  YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

*Shotguns Mountain Dew, BASE jumps off skyscraper*

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