Writer of the Departed Hired to Write… Sin City 2. Blarg.

Just days after Departed writer William Monahan and Martin Scorsese made

Momentum has been building lately behind the long-in-development sequel to Sin City, which grossed a healthy $100 million worldwide in 2005. Rodriguez, who co-directed the original with Frank Miller (who scripted and authored the source material), said at Comic-Con in July that financing for the sequel had been arranged and shooting would begin as soon as a script could be locked, possibly by the end of this year.
Rodriguez indicated to THR during an interview at Comic-Con that actors playing characters that survived the first film are expected to return, and that because much of it is shot in pieces against green screen that scheduling shouldn’t be too difficult. [THR]

I hope you’ll excuse my lack of excitement, but that overwrought hunk of faux-artsy ball torture porn got old 35 minutes into the FIRST movie, and still managed to spawn more meathead, junior college imitators than Troy Duffy (see: Bunraku). High contrast, lots of shadow, the occasional color pop — really, we get it.

But as long as we’re shooting it on a green screen, maybe we could just get Andy Serkis to mo-cap all the characters. At least Jessica Alba’s part. That way, onscreen, you’d still see Jessica Alba, but it’d be Jessica Alba infused with the heart and soul of an actor’s performance.