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11.28.07 63 Comments

The WGA has released a series of videos like this one as part of their "Speechless" campaign in support of the striking writers. Full cast list here.

Hey, you know what’d be a great?  Famous actors staring at the camera not saying anything.  You know, cause, like, if the writers don’t write, than the actors don’t can’t say anything because they’re retarded.  Awesome idea!  Hey, in case people don’t get it at first, lets have a bunch of people in it.  Yeah!  And maybe after like 30 seconds they still won’t understand what it’s about, so we’ll drag it out for like three minutes!  Yeah!  And we’ll call it "Just What’s on the Page".  YEAH!

Poor actors are helpless to convey an idea without speaking.  Haven’t they ever been to a strip club? 

Semi-related and totally self-indulgent note: speaking as a non-union writer who’s not on strike, yours truly has a reading tonight at 8:30 at the Ding Dong Lounge on 106th and Columbus in Manhattan, so if you live in the NYC area, and are clamoring for more of my semi-coherent ramblings, feel free to attend.  Actors will still not be allowed to speak.

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