X-Men’s poster designers should be tarred and feathered

04.19.11 8 years ago 14 Comments

Shortly after I posted that picture of Mystique, I discovered this brand new X-Men: First Class poster over on Empire.  My God, it’s like they’re screwing with us now.  “Witness the moment that will change our world.”  What moment is that, the moment when the characters walked aimlessly towards the camera in front of a Sears photo booth background?  F*CKING HORIZON LINES, HOW DO THEY WORK??  And hey, is that a dude with pointy Mexican cowboy boots back there?  Now, I’m no graphic designer.  In fact, I’m color blind.  But even with a limited color spectrum and no artistic eye, I can still see that this is hideous.

It looks like they combined all the gratuitous diagonalism and generic taglines of the first batch of posters with the plain, ugly backgrounds of the second batch (which even James McAvoy has made fun of). It’s almost impressive how universally bad this poster campaign has been, especially for a film whose trailer, at the very least, had some cool footage.  Aw, I’m sorry to be so negative.  I imagine there’s a screw-up nephew somewhere, fresh out of rehab and thankful for his first big break. Good start, buddy, one day at a time.

Here, I added a mutant of my own.

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