Y'all Can't Handle The Hotness Of The New 'Step Up: All In' Trailer

YO YO YO CHECK IT OUT – The brand new trailer for Step Up: All In has arrived, because if there’s one thing that this world needed one more of, it’s a dance battle movie. This time, they’re taking things to an all new level, as the dancers are all like, “Time to find a new crew” and BOOM they find a new crew. And the bad guy crew is all, “Did you come here to watch some real dancing?” because that’s the sickest mother f*ckin’ burn that ever done been spoken. There’s also a guy doing the robot and an all-girl dance team dressed as sexy nurses. YO, everything is this movie is totally legit and never been done before.

But if that’s not enough for you, one of the dance girls is all, “So who’s gonna lead this crew?” and the guy and the girl are like, “I am” AT THE SAME TIME! How in the world are they going to overcome their differences and lead their team to victory in Las Vegas so they can win their own show, just like what happens in real life? I don’t know, but I bet it ends with them kissing, because they totally showed it at the end of this trailer.