YAY! More Patton Oswalt short films!

Here at FilmDrunk, if there’s one thing we like, it’s high-risk, unprotected sex with total strangers. If there’s two things we like, it’s high-risk, unprotected sex with total strangers and short films starring Patton Oswalt. Hot off his winning turns in such 5-second films as Wizard, You’ve Got Mail, and the seminal, coming-of-age classic, Crabwalkin‘, comes a new series from Puddin’. These are a little longer, and the concept is that it’s a “live-action, single-panel comic, updated Monday through Friday.” So basically, a single-shot video version of a comic strip. Set in the break room of an office, where one guy is always silently eating pudding. It’s like art, but funny.

“Is this some kinda avante-garde, German theater bullsh*t, where a magician goes up and yells at us, and then they dress a lesbian in boy’s clothin in the back of the room, and she sits cackling in the darkness like a half-remembered nightmare through a cracked mirror of regret? Because if that’s what the f*ck this is, I seen it done better, that’s all I’m sayin’, man.” -Patton Oswalt, “The Magician”

Calf Implants

Arm Wrestling

Hump Day