Yellow Dinosaur teaches kids about pedophiles

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04.08.11 5 Comments

This super hip yellow dinosaur teaches kids to avoid pedophiles. You know, tricky people like “Reginald Charming” here. |EverythingisTerrible|


Tina Fey hosting SNL while pregnant. |WarmingGlow|

Gay guys kiss at Indians game in Cleveland, America’s gayest city. |WithLeather|

Want to invest in a jet pack company? |GammaSquad|

This week’s Frotcast might be one of our best: Bob Ray talks guinea pigs, cocaine. |Frotcast|

This week’s KSK mailbag. |KissingSuzyKolber|

F-35 Ejector Seat Tested At 600 MPH |Buzzfeed|

7 Annoying People You’ll Meet On The Subway |CoedMag|

January Jones seems bitchy. |TheSuperficial|

Dancing with the Stars dancer to pose in Playboy, possibly get fired because ABC are hypocritical, squat-to-pee shrivs. |WWTDD|

PICTURED: Was this FilmDrunkard threatening me? You be the judge.

The 2011 Masters Drinking Game |Brobible|

A map of American stereotypes by region. |TheDailyWhat|

Dude wearing a purple polo knocks some dude out. |BostonBarstoolSports|

A nice recap of the AOL/Moviefone/Huffpo/Cinematical situation, in case you were wondering. |DaveChen|

Dutch gameshow contestant spells “cumshot”. |NYCBarstool|

5 Comedy Icons As Comic Book Superheroes |NextMovie|

The Greatest Thong Scenes in Cinema History. |ScreenJunkies|

Camille Holbrook shows off the rare “Elbow Bra”. |GorillaMask|

Pencil art is more legit than it sounds. |HolyTaco|

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