Yes, please: Ricky Gervais may be planning a Warwick Davis movie

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08.24.10 9 Comments

I’m not one of those smug wieners who will scream your ear off about how the British version is superior every time someone mentions The Office please, people, jump in a volcano, and take your stinky limey DVDs with you*.  But I still love Ricky Gervais.  Even in his more broad, commercial projects he usually still finds a way to Trojan Horse some balls in there (here’s a horse I made for you! Surprise! I hid my balls in it!).  The latest news makes me even happier: Gervais has been working on a TV series starring Warwick Davis in a fictionalized version of Davis’ life called “Life’s Too Short”.  Gervais says it could eventually become a movie.

Ricky Gervais has hinted there may eventually be a film version of his new TV show Life’s Too Short, which centres on the travails of real-life vertically-challenged actor Warwick Davis.
Gervais and his long-term writing partner Stephen Merchant have penned the comedy series, described as “sort of like Curb Your Enthusiasm” for BBC2.
Asked if the duo were planning any future movie projects, Gervais said: “We want to do another one. Maybe we can do a film of Life’s Too Short.”
Merchant then cautioned: “Let’s see how the series goes. Let’s not get carried away,” to which his partner responded: “Let’s have it ready in case it’s a success. Always plan for success.” [Guardian]

I’d actually be excited about this project even if Gervais wasn’t involved.  If you don’t know who Warwick Davis is, you need to go rent Willow and Leprechaun immediately.  He’s the original Hollywood dwarf.  Dude makes Peter Dinklage look like Verne Troyer.

*And another thing! PAL sucks!  (*throws up ‘NTSC’ gang sign, C-walks*)

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