Yoko Ono goes full Zoolander in new fashion collection

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I know Yoko Ono’s fashion designs aren’t strictly movie-related, but every time I look at anything in her new collection of men’s wear for the NYC boutique Opening Ceremony, all I can think is “Who cares? It’s only fashion.”
Stuff like this is why Zoolander remains one of the most quotable films of all time.

The international cool-kid boutique Opening Ceremony has created garments from several fashion sketches Ono made as a wedding gift to Lennon in 1969. And last night, OC feted the collection in its New York store. “She really wanted to celebrate every part that she loved about him,” OC’s co-founder Humberto Leon told The Daily Beast. And judging from the collection’s light-up codpieces ($200), pants with see-through rear window ($250), and handprint-embellished crotches ($335), it’s easy to pinpoint which of Lennon’s parts that Ono loved the most. “They’re like nipple headlights,” Ono’s son, Sean Lennon, was overheard explaining of a bandeau top baring two anatomically-positioned flashing lights ($250), “They’re great for when you ride your bike at night.”
The collection beholds additional conceptual accessories too. Like breastplate necklace baring two school bells that reads, “Ring for your Mommy” and pair of knee-high black boots featuring a set of Moroccan-type incense burners at the toe—each one only produced in a limited-edition run of 52, a number chosen for its numerology properties. “She’s an amazing artist, I think these pieces really reflect her,” Leon explained. [DailyBeast]

She gave him fashion sketches for his birthday? Man, that’s worse than socks. Better than hole in the head, I guess (terrible joke, sorry). Also, am I misremembering this, or didn’t Anthony Kiedis wear pants with a hand print on the crotch at some point? Like Blood Sugar Sex Magik-era Red Hot Chili Peppers? I thought it might be in the “Give It Away video,” but I didn’t see it. Maybe I just remembered it that way because the entire video is basically about Anthony Kiedis grabbing his dick.

I prefer the black pants/white hand print combo. I want the slimming effect of black around my waist, not on my crotch bulge.
Oh, well hello, there, Mrs. Cheevington, I didn’t see you come in. I was just preparing these sausage rolls for the St. Swithin’s Day celebration.
Don’t look so sad, this diaper is supposed to make you feel confident.
Mmm hmm.
Hello, yes, I’ll take three hand crotches and a nutsack hoodie for my cousin Jimmy.
Are you looking at something, friend?
Who says business caszh can’t be fun?
I couldn’t help but notice you… noticing me.
[via TheDailyBeast]

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