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09.16.08 65 Comments

A boring-ass day in the world of movie news, what’s a guy to do?  I know, let’s see what the Japanese are up to.  Hey, looks like they’ll be releasing Minoru Kawasaki’s Executive Koala on DVD next month.  What’s that about?

Tamura works in the offices of a Japanese pickle distribution company. He is conscientious, well liked in the office and has a loving girlfriend Yoko. He is a six foot tall koala bear. One day Yoko his girlfriend turns up dead and Tamura is the chief suspect and so sets out to prove his innocence. He is hampered by gaps in his memory, flashbacks of spousal abuse and the fact that his first wife dissappeared. As any intelligent Koala would he enlists the help of his boss (a white rabbit) and a bartender (frog) to help him discover the truth. Can he prove his innocence? Can he help his company pull off a pickle deal? And what does his bartender and his boss know about the two-hundred year old terrifying secret behind the EXECUTIVE KOALA? [QuietEarth]

Honestly, you had me at “six-foot-tall koala bear”.

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