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01.15.10 17 Comments

This is the trailer for Tekken, based on the video game, from the director of Halloween 4 and Anacondas, and the writer of Spawn and The Marine.  With that kind of introduction, I might as well stab it with a syringe full of AIDS.  If you’re an MMA fan, you know that’s Roger Huerta shouting “This is Iron Fist!” at the beginning like a Mexican Sean Faris.  Then Cung Le shows up to show us the acting chops he developed while spending a year away from the sport and retroactively making me happy that he got his nose smashed by Scott Smith in the final minute of his last fight.

The movie’s pretty much what you’d expect. I just wish they’d cast Chris Klein to reprise his overacting in the Street Fighter movie.  Cung Le could punch someone and Chris Klein could be all like “Whoa!” and then Cung Le could kick someone and Chris Klein could be all like “Whoa!” and Cung Le could come out and Chris Klein could be all like “This guy. Walks. Through the rain drops…”  Man, video game movies rule. [via ScreenJunkies]

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