You Have Less Than 24 Hours To Back Laremy’s Movie

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05.15.14 14 Comments

A lot of people don’t know this, but in addition to being a veteran film critic, thorough list maker, frequent Frotcast guest, star of Whoop Dreams, and all-around swell guy, Laremy Legel is also a critically-acclaimed author. They say write what you know, and Laremy is never one to turn down some good advice, so he wrote a book about being a film critic. In an even more creative twist, he called the book “Film Critic.” Now, he’s trying to make that book irrelevant by filming a movie version, which he describes as “in the grand tradition of Christopher Guest meets Calvin & Hobbes.”

Won’t you help him Kickstart it? You have 24 hours.

Now, about that adaptation, in the grand style of all adaptations ever, it will have very little to do with the book. Oh, some of the situations will seem eerily familiar, but Film Critic: The Movie will be a comedy about a passion, whereas “Film Critic: Los Book” was part memoir, part “how-to”, and fully “Laremy propaganda”. The film will give me a much better chance to make fun of myself, to play the fool, and (hopefully) to force my fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms to help me produce a great comedy. You know, for laughter. Doesn’t anybody remember laughter?

He needs this, you guys. I mean, just look at this sunburn picture he didn’t want me to post:

Nipples censored for vulgarity.


Nipples censored for vulgarity.

I just want you all to be thinking about Laremy’s blistering nipples when you decide not to help out his movie project. Could you deal with that on your conscience? I know I couldn’t. Just look at this picture and imagine a sad Sarah McLachlan song playing over it, I know you’ll do the right thing.

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