Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: The Chronicle of Liam Neeson Doing One For the Money

05.15.12 7 years ago 7 Comments
It’s an exciting week for new DVDs, as there might actually be a couple that people want to see.  There’s teenagers abusing their superpowers, Liam Neeson fighting some wolves, some Oscar bait that worked in snaring nominations, some Oscar bait that didn’t, Katherine Heigl’s stupid face, a couple child-actors all grown up, a trio of friendly Satanists, and as always, zombies.

The DVDs:
The Grey
Albert Nobbs
One For The Money
The Devil Inside
Afghan Luke
Golf In The Kingdom
Junkyard Dog
Man On A Mission: Richard Garriott’s Road To The Stars
Chained: Code 207
Wages Of Sin
Fever Night a.k.a. Band Of Satanic Outsiders

There’s always something worth knowing about the movies on DVD, but if you couldn’t care less about physical media, click here to skip ahead for some streaming suggestions that will really give you a Woody.

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