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10.22.08 40 Comments

Howdy, folks, Nick Nolte here. I come to present the trailer for 17 Again, starrin Zac Efron. Hell, I like the kid. Looks like he got that skin ain’t been lived in yet, that you can stretch out and it snaps right back. Plus he’s full of pep, always singin and jumpin an dancin around like a mule with his eyes cut out. Probably even still got that new queer smell.

As you can imagine, this here picture’s about a man goes back to bein’ 17 again. Brings back memories. At 17, I’d just met my third wife Starla at a morgue in Las Cruces. We was just a couple a crazy kids goofed up on phenobarbital when I popped the question. She said yes when she come to, and after that she wore my favorite gook ear necklace every day till the syphilis took ‘er from me outside Manila in ’66. Anyhound, I’m goin’ all warm n fuzzy on ye so I better skedaddle. But mark your calendars, 17 Again. Check it out. Directed by Burr Steers. Sounds like a real man, ya ask me.

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