Zach Braff Has Daddy, Jewishness Issues In The Full Trailer For ‘Wish I Was Here’

Zach Braff put his film project, Wish I Was Here up on Kickstarter last May, and lots of people bitched and moaned because he was too famous for Kickstarter, but then his movie got funded because he’s famous and here we are (famous people will always get more publicity than non-famous, that is the nature of being famous). Anyway, no need to cry about his methods when there’s an actual movie to discuss.

This latest trailer gives us more of a taste of the plot than the teaser, with Braff playing a good-natured but slightly put upon husband to Kate Hudson, father to two kids, brother to a manchild-y Josh Gad (who I will some day stop thinking of as “Not Jonah Hill”… some day), and son of Mandy Patinkin. I could take or leave the rest of them, but Mandy Patinkin is just the best. The man communicates more in a single blink than many actors do their entire career.

I’m on the record as saying I somewhat liked Garden State, and parts of this look promising as well. At the same time, I really hope all of the shots of the characters looking blissed out with the gravity of existence are in the trailer. Raising the hands in the car, spreading their arms wide to catch the sun in a desert, running through the forest… come on, no one acts like that in real life, except hippies and people who know they’re being filmed in slow motion. (*spreads arms wide, spins in circle while basking in the fluorescent light of crappy apartment*)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to have a cathartic moment under water.