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03.21.11 4 Comments

Here’s an interview with the kid who powerbombed that other kid. Asked if he overreacted, he says “No.”  He’s right, that other kid had to learn physics somehow. |Gawker|


Facebook Fail-log: The Ten Best Recent Fails. |Uproxx|

Pour one out for our old buddy Knut the Polar Bear. |Uproxx|

Bob Dylan Sings ‘Charles In Charge’ |WarmingGlow|

Athlete Tattoed Trivia Challenge: Answers And Winners. |WithLeather|

First Look At Adrianne Palicki In Thw Wonder Woman Costume. |GammaSquad|

Talking Rebecca Black, the racist UCLA girl, and Battle LA on this week’s Frotcast. |Frotcast|

Standing For Everything: 10 Great Rap Logos. |SmokingSection|

Death Metal “Friday.” |TheDailyWhat|

Adding Drowning Pool to this crappy fight isn’t making it any more hardcore. |BostonBarstoolSports|

Corin Riggs attempts the single-handed hand bra. |GorillaMask|

Best Movie Art Ever (This Week) — Pee-Wee Picasso, Vader van Gogh. |Moviefone|

Sofia Vergara: still great boobs. |WWTDD|

50 Beautiful Pictures Of The Supermoon From Around The World. |Buzzfeed|

Andrew Dice Clay details the ways Charlie Sheen isn’t winning.  In related news, Dice is still alive, and wears an eye patch. |TheSuperficial|

Douchebag national tournament: round 2, day 2. |HolyTaco|

Review of Werner Herzog’s 3D cave documentary. |ScreenJunkies|

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