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12.03.07 42 Comments

Anyone clamoring for the next Beowulf-esque epic?  Anyone? …  Well, word around the unsubstantiated rumor campfire is that Robert Zemeckis’ next project will be a motion-capture CGI version of A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey playing Ebenezer Scrooge.

Robert Zemeckis revealed in a podcast on the official Beowulf site that Bob Hoskins, Colin Firth and Gary Oldman have joined Jim Carrey in A Christmas Carol. In her own podcast, Robin Wright Penn announced she was also in A Christmas Carol. There was no mention of [the rumored] Tom Hanks, Christopher Lloyd or Michael J. Fox, although that does not mean they will not be in the film. Disney is targeting a November 6, 2009 release date for the pic. [ComingSoon.Net] 

Great, so we’re gonna take a kickass cast (Gary Oldman is a God) and yet again film their digital dopplegangers rather than them?  Retarded.  I’ll concede that this makes more sense in mo-cap than Beowulf does, but I still think I’d rather catch Scrooged on DVD. 

*sigh* Oh Bill Murray, I don’t know why my mom couldn’t have banged you instead of that globehopping treasure hunter I’m always getting cryptic postcards from.

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