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12.18.07 19 Comments

This is the trailer for Zen and Zero, a cool little (61 mins) surf documentary that Allan Weisbecker was in that came out last year.  You can check out another four minutes of it here.

A surf trip from L.A. to Costa Rica is a classic, a free ride, executed by generations of surfers since the sixties. When five landlocked Austrians get on that very road, it becomes a different thing: A comedy, a philosophical diversion, an investigation of the myth of the surfer dude itself. [IMDB]

F*cking Austrians.  They ruin everything.  Anyway, I mention it because Allan is offering a free Zen and Zero DVD to anyone who forwards our interview (which is always a good read if you haven’t checked it out yet) to twenty friends – just CC promogroup@banditobooks.com on the emails and add your mailing address (US only – sorry foreigners).

When you’ve pissed off a lot people in the publishing business, going viral can be a great way to sell a book. Ironically enough, it’s also the reason I have trouble pissing.

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