Zombie Michael Jackson, gay midget sex, Hitler

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02.21.11 10 Comments

Oh, hello.  Sorry, I didn’t see you there.  I was just using the headline of this post to brainstorm keywords for Gary Busey’s IMDB profile.  But as long as you’re here, you should watch this trailer for The Return of the Moonwalker, an English-language German film in progress.  It has all the usual movie stuff:

Gay midget sex
Michael Jackson’s severed hand used as a sex toy
Talking toilet
A guy in a rubber Hitler mask
…clown rape?  I think?  Is it as funny as you always thought it’d be?
Zombie Michael Jackson
“Have you seen my childhood?”  “I’m afraid not, Mr. Jackson, but we did bring you a big, fat, doobie.”
“He who controls Michael Jackson controls the masses!”

And just when you think it couldn’t get any wilder, BOOM! MOTHERF*CKING PAPYRUS FONT!  My game has been changed.

As long as we’re resurrecting dead celebrities, I think it would’ve been awesome if a Road House-era Patrick Swayze pulled up in Steve McQueen’s Mustang, jumped out the window, told Michael Jackson “pain don’t hurt” and kicked Hitler in the face.

[via the always awesome Twitch]

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