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08.26.09 31 Comments

This is the newest trailer for Zombieland (if you’re keeping score at home, this is international version — I posted the R-rated version a few weeks ago).  It stars Jesse Eisenberg as a shy, cerebral neurotic who teams up with Woody Harrelson, an impulsive, slovenly redneck, to kill zombies.  Their relationship kind of reminds me of me and my old roommate. He’d always be on my ass about not cleaning my dishes, and I’d always be punching him in the stomach for being Jewish.  Also, we fought zombies.  Anyway, I’m trying not to waste too much breath on this movie because it looks like a ball of cliches mooshed together and deep fried in unoriginality and then dipped in Woody Harrelson.  “Dude!  It’ll be funny because they’ll kill zombies!  Dude!  It’ll be cool ’cause he’ll wear sunglasses.  And then he’ll get hit in the head with a golf ball!”  No.  Just, no.

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