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What is it, and what do you talk about?

The FilmDrunk Frotcast is our weekly podcast, discussing all things film and/or poop related, generally recorded Wednesday or Thursday night and posted Thursday or Friday morning. It is your source for very serious, very analytical analysis of popular movies and trends in the digital cyber world of tech space. And by that I mean we try to review at least one new movie every week in between jokes and making fun of each other.

We record each week from our Frotquarters in San Francisco with me, Vince Mancini, and my panel, Ben, Brendan, and Bret, who for now value their anonymity, and usually one or two rotating guests, such as The Stranger’s Lindy West, Uproxx writer Burnsy, Matt Ufford from WarmingGlow, Laremy Legel from, and various others. You can tell when Lindy is on because she is a girl. Duh.

Other guests have included such notables as Children’s Hospital/The Other Guys‘ Rob Huebel, YouTube wunderkind and former Nerf Herder lead singer Parry Gripp, The Office/Bad Teacher writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, Black Dynamite director Scott Sanders, and my friend Joe the porn camera man (aka comedian Joe King). Future guests include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Orville Redenbacher, and Barack Obama.

Why is it called a “frotcast?”

We call our podcast a “frotcast” because a while back, someone sent us to the wikipedia page for “frot” (featuring a delightfully NSFW illustration). Not only did we enjoy the term “frot,” we found  the act of men touching wieners together for sexual gratification to be an apt metaphor for our podcast. Hence, the term “frotcast” was born.

Who the hell are Ben, Brendan, and Bret, and how do I tell them apart?

As I said, they value their semi-anonymity, but here’s a handy guide:

BenThe Ear Rapist. Ben is, to our knowledge, the nation’s first motorcycle-riding Jew. The chattiest of the group, Ben enjoys piggybacking on jokes and Michael Bay movies. He’s the closest thing we have to a host, and without him, the Frotcast gets very disorganized.

Brendan – The Human Giant. Brendan can muster a deep pop-culture reference to almost anything, and aside from his old football career as an NFL Europe left tackle, he enjoys nothing so much as farts, poop, poop transplants, and banana phones. Catch phrases include “SUCK THESE JEANS!” and “I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME HERE!”

Bret – The Grumpiest Man in Podcasting. The eccentric intellectual of the group, Bret once bought animal bones on eBay to decorate his room. He keeps the Frotcast from ever getting too “morning zoo” by sighing loudly whenever the rest of us start getting too “shecky.” Bret may or may not be a professional illustrator who spends his days drawing squirrels. He has an alter-ego named Fake Bret who is most certainly a professional illustrator who spends his days drawing squirrels, and only squirrels.