Someone Hand-Carved A Tiny Super Nintendo That Actually Works

Most people would do anything for the newest NES system, but this seems like a little much. YouTuber Hugo Doris uploaded a video in which he handcrafts his own take on the new micro-NES Nintendo that comes out November 11th. Doris walks us through the process in which he meticulously hand-carved his own gadget that’s surprisingly fully functional. You might not be able to play Pokemon GO on it like you will be able to on the new Apple watch, but cut the dude some slack; he just carved the thing out of clay!

The fast-paced tutorial is quite the watch, even if it’s tough to have any earthly idea what the hell is going on during the process. The one of a kind project certainly is one of a kind for good reason, but it’s nonetheless interesting to see how innovative some can be when they put their mind to creating something.

After a little craftsmanship and a lot of work with pliers, glue, and tiny screws, the device made up of a Raspberry Pi Zero, USB hub and clay is shown connected to a system and put to full use. It sure seems like a lot of work to play something any of us could easily download on our laptops, but super-credits for a unique project that no doubt could fetch a pretty penny on eBay from a member of the gaming community.

(Via Sploid)