A Man Is Suing Nintendo Over Heart Injury Sustained In A Donkey Kong Suit

It’s on like Donkey Kong – legal action that is.

LA actor Parker Mills is suing over a heart condition, which he says Nintendo and their banana-munching mascot Donkey Kong are to blame for. In May, 2013 Nintendo hired Mills to don a furry DK suit for an event at the Los Angeles Zoo celebrating the release of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. Nintendo described the event as “a chance to spend time with Donkey Kong and some of his friends from the animal kingdom at the L.A. Zoo”, but according to Mills the event wasn’t all fun and games.

Mills says he was denied breaks and not provided ice-packs to cool down his monkey suit, creating a “very stressful environment”, which he claims lead to him suffering an aortic dissection (a tearing of the aorta walls). Mills did not specify if the person creating the stressful environment was a small, mustachioed Italian man, but until I get more information I’m going to assume it was.

Uh oh, this picture from the scene looks pretty damning. 

Obviously this is a serious charge, but I dunno – I’m not sure what to say about somebody who was shocked when dressing up in a gorilla costume at the zoo all day ended up being hot and stressful. If you could successfully sue for this kind of stuff, Disneyland would be bankrupted several times over.

Via LA Times