Watch ‘Agents Of Mayhem’ Pull Out Its Arsenal In These Exclusive GIFs

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Next week, Agents of Mayhem arrives to save the world. Well, the wider world. This is a Saints Row spin-off, so no promises on innocent bystanders. Look, if you don’t want to accidentally be exploded by a superhero fighting a vast evil conspiracy, you need to move to the suburbs. Otherwise, here’s an exclusive look at the many fun abuses you can visit on henchmen and people looking for coffee.

Following on the wacky postmodernism of Saints Row IV, Agents of Mayhem takes place in a future Seoul where the Saints have, among other things, funded a highly advanced crimefighting organization called Mayhem, fighting the evil foes of Legion, who want to destroy the world’s nations.

That said, the game plays slightly different from the all-out superpowered warfare of previous games. You’ll have a squad of three agents, each with different skills and weapons, and as you play they’ll rack up new attacks, new weapons, new mods, and other ways of causing chaos. So, what can you do as one of the many Agents of Mayhem? Let’s take a look!

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