Angry Birds Fan Goes All In With Possibly Regrettable Mohawk

When I first saw this do earlier today on Reddit I was absolutely convinced that it was an artfully done photoshop, but a Redditer who actually witnessed the frenzy this guy caused at a shopping mall in Florida (OF COURSE!) insists that it’s the real deal and another of those wacky promotions.

I know most of you already believe this is photoshopped, but there was literally about a dozen people taking pictures of this guy at the Sawgrass Mills Mall in the store Zumies.

This is 100% real, and me and a few of my cousins all saw it. I was semi tempted to start taking pictures as well, but you could tell he was getting impatient.

I bet this guy is slaying so much tail these days. What lady doesn’t moisten at the mere sight of this?