Barbara Gordon Takes On The Joker In This Trailer For The ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Batgirl DLC

No spoilers, but Barbara Gordon doesn’t get treated all that well in Batman: Arkham Knight. Thankfully, she’ll get more of chance to shine in Batgirl: A Matter of Family, a DLC prequel starring Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. This time around, Commissioner Gordon has been kidnapped by The Joker, and it’s up to Barbara to save dear ol’ dad with the help of Robin.

It looks like A Matter of Family will pack in a lot treats for fans. Playable Batgirl! Another showdown with The Joker! Harley Quinn in her classic outfit! That last one’s a big one. I’m always cautious about DLC, but it’ll be hard to resist this one.

Season pass holders will be able to play Batgirl: A Matter of Family this coming Tuesday. Everybody else will have to wait a week until July 21.

(via Polygon)