Some ‘Battlefield 1’ Players Are So Good, The Game Thinks They’re Cheating

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Battlefield 1 is a thrilling, but extremely tough, game. That’s by design. World War I was a collision between Old World sensibilities about the “nobility” of war, and the brutal, decidedly ignoble ability of new technologies to kill hundreds or even thousands in ways unimagined by all but scientists and the cynical. Still, it is a video game, and a few months of playing have made some players really good. So good, in fact, that the game thinks they’re cheating.

Kotaku spoke to several players who got banned by Battlefield 1‘s FairFight software. FairFight is essentially a probability tracker; the software compares players against average statistics from players, and then looks for improbable events that indicate cheating. If it finds both, you’re out and possibly banned for good, depending on the situation.

The problem, as anybody who’s been in multiplayer and seen a skilled player in action knows, is that there are some people who are just really, really good. We’ve personally been killed by a guy who crashed his plane into our tank and who bailed out at the last second and went on to take out a few others before dying. Really, getting offed creatively is part of the fun for, ah, more average players like ourselves. EA and DICE can set the tolerances of the software, fortunately, and will likely be tuning them accordingly. Until then, maybe take it easy, Battlefield pros.

(via Kotaku)

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