‘Battlefield V’ Is Still ‘Battlefield’ For Better Or Worse

11.22.18 3 weeks ago

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As explosions surround you with the enemy closing in on your final conquest point, you’ll notice yourself holding your breath, maybe sweating at the hands, and focusing like your life is on the line. What Battlefield V does best is it overwhelms you. It immerses you into the experience of the first-person shooter in a way that few games can. Explosions that happen next to you feel very close. Bullets whizzing by your head terrify you. When your squad is being destroyed, you feel alone. If Battlefield V‘s goal was to nail the atmosphere, then it massively succeeded.

In a way, that might be what Dice and EA feel is best for the franchise … for now, anyway. Battlefield is in a weird place. It’s great at what it does well, and everything that Battlefield fans love about the franchise returns in its latest installment, Battlefield V. The huge battles, wide maps, vehicles, battle classes, etc., it’s all back and, more importantly, it works. Battlefield IV suffered from some horrible launch day glitches, such as falling through the floor, getting stuck in walls, and respawn camping issues. Any glitches I ran into in Battlefield V were minor and didn’t impede my game. This might seem like the basic of the basics, but it’s worth mentioning considering Dice’s history with launching gigantic games, and Battlefield is very much gigantic.

The maps they’ve created for this year’s iteration are impressive. Size, width, and volume are expected from a Battlefield map, but the variety of each location makes every game feel different. There are wide open terrains in the middle of a desert with mountain-based terrain in which to hide. The marshlands of an abandoned European neighborhood feature an interesting mix of empty fields with close quarters combat amid houses, and everything comes together in the middle at a giant bridge. There are the snowy mountaintops where the opponent can sit right around the corner and you almost feel suffocated with how close everything is, but if you can survive the narrow passages, you get to an open camp with a perfect location to set up as a sniper.

Perhaps what I enjoyed the most about Battlefield V is I never felt like one class was more powerful than the other no matter what map I was on. Want to play a sniper class? Just find the right location and set up. If that’s not working, then just switch over to a medic and help out others, or maybe you like getting into the heat of it and want to play infantry. If so, head straight for the middle and start shooting. There are so many different ways to play Battlefield and the map design works wonders with that.

That same map design makes the drop in, drop out style of squad play very easy. The best way to play Battlefield V is with friends in a squad together. It pairs you together, you can communicate, and it will allow you to better attack the team-based gameplay. You can definitely play Battlefield like a lone wolf and have fun doing it, but every death counts against your team’s overall score. Going rogue might be good for stats, but if you care at all about winning games, then you need to play with the team, which makes the squad system so important.

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