Five Games To Keep You Busy On Your Thanksgiving Travels


Every week, it feels like there are more games for more platforms than ever. Except for this week, because there’s nothing coming out as game shops brace for Black Friday and its discounts. But, for those of you in airports, stuck at home in front of NCIS marathons imposed on you by elderly relatives, and those waiting for friends to arrive at bars for Thanksdrinking Eve, we’ve got five games to make the time pass a little more smoothly.

Stranger Things

Even if you’re not a fan of Netflix’s horror series, this game is worth a download because the team at BonusXP have pulled off what so many developers have struggled to do: Deliver the classic NES Zelda-style gameplay in a mobile game. You only need to know the basic of the series to follow the story, and the gameplay is deep, intuitive, and will keep you busy for hours.


Hauling around board games over Thanksgiving is awkward unless you cram them on your phone. Splendor is a clever card game where you collect gems in order to recruit nobles. Once somebody hits 15 points, they win. It’s a fun game to play against the AI on your own, but you can also set it up to pass it around for groups of friends, whether they’re old friends from high school or newly made ones when you’re stuck in the terminal.

Monument Valley 2

The sequel to the beloved perspective-twisting puzzle game is back with a deeper story about parents letting go of their children, trickier puzzles, and the same rich soundscape. This is definitely a “headphones-in” kind of game, but the clever puzzle design will suck you in for hours as you fiddle with the different levels where you spin around bits of the levels in an Escher-esque landscape to guide a queen and her beloved daughter through an abstract world.


Sudoku games are a dime a dozen, as are color-matching games. But the two combine shockingly well in this game, where you have to match shades of colors in the right progression. It starts off almost too easy, but it quickly becomes trickier as you get presented with new designs, more subtle shades, and other clever touches.

Hitman: Sniper

Finally, if you want to take your frustrations out on somebody’s skull, do it the healthy way and play this sniping game, where you pick off drug dealers, saboteurs, and other assorted jerks in ways ranging from a straight shot to dropping heavy objects on them or exploding propane tanks. Hey, sometimes, you just need some action.

What games are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments!