‘Just Cause 3’ Tops This Month’s PlayStation Plus And Games With Gold

08.01.17 2 years ago

Every month, Sony and Microsoft try to tempt us with free games to throw on the pile of shame, if we subscribe to either PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. So, who has the best offer this month? Sony, with the most aptly named open-world franchise ever made.

PlayStation Plus, All Games Available From August 1 to August 3

Just Cause 3, PS4

If you’re unfamiliar, the goal of this game is to find things and explode them in the funniest way possible. Trash statues, blow up oil refineries, fire missiles at tanks, whatever. OK, there’s also a plot, but you’ll be too busy seeing what driving a car into a gas tanker will do.

Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry, PS4

This standalone game follows Adewale, the best character from Assassin’s Creed IV, as he works through the severe emotional trauma of abduction, slavery, and cultural shock. Mostly by killing slaveholders and their employees like a ninja. Kinda hard to blame him, no?

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