Twitter Had So Many Jokes And Philosophical Questions About The ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Trailer

One of the big stories coming out of E3 2017 was the first trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, featuring Mario’s sentient hat. This newest Mario joint is coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 27th, and — just as things progressed when the Switch was introduced — Twitter was quick to excitedly joke about every detail.

Many people were, not surprisingly, psyched about the dinosaur and its fancy hats:

While others noted Mario’s ability to possess not only dinosaurs, but humans as well:

Which veered into numerous heady philosophical discussions about the implications of Mario’s hat and of existence itself:

In light of the revelation that Mario — or the sentient hat which prefers to take the form of “Mario” — has been able to possess humans all along, some geniuses are already concocting ironclad criminal defenses:

Meanwhile, others were crafting tongue-in-cheek hot takes:

Speaking of hot takes, some were bemused by the thought of people who might get angry about Mario wearing a sombrero:

And some had insightful comments and comparisons:

But one thing we can all agree on is drugs. Drugs? Yes. Drugs.