Bethesda Is Giving ‘Fallout 76’ Players Free ‘Fallout’ Games As An Apology Gift

12.24.18 8 months ago


Bethesda warned fans that Fallout 76 may not satisfy them when the game finally left beta, and that warning was perhaps more prophetic than the game maker had hoped. Fallout 76 hasn’t received very good reviews, and many of them are all saying the same thing: the game feels empty and is plagued with connection issues and bugs.

Other issues have cropped up as well, including something as silly as a canvas bag production issue. But that incident was emblematic of a fan base wholly disappointed by a title that promised big things that have proven much more difficult to deliver than many anticipated.

Bethesda does seem to want to make good on that promise, or at least make its fans feel valued. Which is why the company announced shortly before Christmas that it’s giving away some free games to anyone who bought Fallout 76 in 2018. The company is giving away Fallout Classic Collection — which includes the first two Fallout titles as well as Fallout Tactics, for free.

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