Only Five Of These Super-Limited Edition ‘Black Panther’ Xbox Ones Have Been Made


The Xbox One X is the most powerful console known to man until the next console comes out, this much is known. So for the next few years, it’s the cream of the crop. The best that there is. And even Microsoft’s weak sales numbers compared to the PS4 can’t change that. Now Microsoft is upping the ante with an incredibly limited Black Panther version of the Xbox One X that you have to win and only five have been made. It’s worth putting your name into the hat, or vibranium headpiece to win this one.

The super-limited edition console will actually come with two Black Panther controllers in addition to a 4K edition of the Black Panther movie, which makes all of this a package nearing $600+ worth of cool stuff, and considering the rarity of the hardware, let’s just say this is probably going to end up on eBay for a few grand.

So how can you even get your hands on this sleek, vibranium-free, video game ode to T’Challa? You have to be really, really lucky. You can head over to Black Panther Xbox sweepstakes page and enter your name, hoping to be the chosen one. Ritual combat would likely be easier and quicker.

Look at this thing:

(Via IGN)