‘Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ Launches Into Space With Its First Trailer

Activision has been doing everything short of playing Peter Gabriel out of a boombox under our bedroom windows to let us know there’s a new Call of Duty coming. And it turns out all the rumors and leaks were 100% correct, as confirmed in a new trailer.

Admittedly, the music, the bro-iest cover of Space Oddity to ever bro, is likely going to put Activision up for some teasing, but aside from that, the trailer has some pretty interesting moments. It starts off like a typical Call of Duty game, people getting blown the hell, chunks of the level rolling at your face, and so on. Then you jump into a rocket to go shoot the faces of the Settlement Defense Front, whoever they may be, and that’s when things get interesting.

Among the sights are a massive orbital dogfight, a mech tossing around a tank like it’s nothing, a fight through a shredded space station, and, apparently, the ability to go full Mortal Kombat on an enemy target:

It also appears that ultimately the game will be telling you to get your ass to Mars, as there’s some definite Martian terrain that pops up here and there in the trailer. Perhaps you’re fighting Martian colonists? And, yes, the trailer, at the very end, also confirms Modern Warfare Remastered is on the way. It comes with ten multiplayer maps as well. Sure, people will complain, but if we get that space hook thing, all will likely be forgiven until OnlyUseHook comes along. We’ll see just what space warfare might look like November 4.

(Via Engadget)