The Making Of ‘Call Of Duty: WW2’ Confirmed A Major Battle And Left Fans With More Questions Than Answers

Gamers who have fallen out of love with Call of Duty over the last few releases seem to be thrilled the long-running shooter heading back to the war that started it all. The return of the classic Nazi Zombies mode, as well as the familiar, gritty setting, is and an obvious effort by Activision to get back those lost fans, and it’s working — hype for a CoD game hasn’t felt this palpable in years.

With just over five months until release and a few weeks until E3, the IV drip of info is starting to feed fans a few details, with The Making Of Call Of Duty: WW2 Live Stream the latest launch from their impressive marketing salvo. The stream, which focused on the making of the campaign, left many fans who were asking questions during the live stream wanting. To fans, there was too much focus on the motion capture used while creating the campaign and the usual cliché snippets of how honored the actors were to work on a game like this. They wanted to get down to the nitty-gritty details of the multiplayer rather than broad promotion.

Through 30 minutes of streaming, we got a few interesting tidbits:

  • Producer Brett Robbins stressed blending authenticity with the blockbuster elements Call of Duty is known for. So we can expect a typical CoD game there, it seems.
  • There was more marketing speak from the stream, promising a “captivating, cinematic campaign,” but how much more than previous games? That seems like every video game box art blurb ever.
  • The stream did clap back at many, many (a strange amount, even) of commenters asking why Activision was going down the “social justice warrior” path by featuring women in the game. Activision addressed this by saying women combatants were historically accurate: “It is historically accurate. The French resistance had a lot of female fighters.” These women will be playable for a few sections of the campaign. They then promised female soldiers and characters prominently in Zombies mode and in multiplayer.

  • Battle of the Bulge? Yes.
  • Will the campaign jump to playable Axis soldiers? “I can’t really talk about that directly.” In other words, we should take that as a yes, and the Big Red One and the French resistance won’t be the only point of view in the game.
  • The campaign will have gore. It won’t be gratuitous, but it’s a Mature game and “it’s important to show what WW2 was like.”
  • Health regeneration: “No comment.” (Yes?)

The next episode will air around E3 (June 13-15), when they’ll be giving a deep dive into the multiplayer and revealing the newfangled social aspects of the game.